My Services

I offer dressmaking, knitting and crocheting for designers and for everyone.

I currently do not offer home-visits, nor work on upholstery or unclean items.

01 Alterations


To my eye, every wedding dress needs adjustments, because our body is unique. At the initial fitting, we discuss what needs to be done, how it is done and its cost. I do not charge for fittings and the payment is upon completion. The dress fitting usually requires the wedding shoes and appropriate underwear. 

I always finish the same way as the original, unless requested to do defferently.

Any garments should be brought in a clean state.


02 Dressmaking


Creating a garment from scratch can be costly, because making the patterns to fit your body is a time-consuming process. I will need to involve a professional pattern-cutter for a complicated design, which would be a coutúre price, but I can draft simple patterns or copy, adapt and re-create your garment at a reasonable rate.

Although I work on men's garments, I do not make men's suits from scratch.

I can take your body measurements and fill the form, if you are to order a made to measure garment remotely.


03 Sample & Costume Making


For independent and corporate designers - I can make the garments or parts for the garments just as you want, here in London, by sewing, crocheting, knitting, embroidering or hand-painting. Use my samples for fashion shows, competitions, exhibitions, photoshoots or send them to your manufacturers.


04 General Mending


Replacing zips, general mending, darning a rip and so on. This service might not be available in wedding season - winter is a good time to contact me.

However, I cannot take garments with ongoing / untreated moth issues.

We can reduce the carbon footprint by loving our clothes for longer.