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I am originally from Japan, and I have always been creative and industrious, working as a sample-maker for various designers in Tokyo from early 90s, offering a versatile service in the industry. I can sew, knit, crochet, embroider and paint print designs.


When I came to the UK in 2001, I started doing garment alterations for everyone, and offered limited service for designers, because my children were small and tight deadlines were not ideal.

Along the way, I found that seamstressing was a good way to meet local people and to contribute to the community, wherever we moved to. I am proud that my services are appreciated, and that my clients often come back to me for more.

Now that I am back in London and my children are bigger,I am trying to get back into full service, including sample and costume making for designers and productions.

It was thrilling when I found out I was to be a part of some big film costume teams, crocheting for actresses such as Dame Judy Dench (Murder on the Orient Express 2017) and Margot Robbie (Mary, Queen of Scots 2019)!

Last Updated 11/04/2021 

First published December 2017

by Chie Besson  |  London, United Kingdom

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