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Email me with the occasion, the date and the garment info to arrange a fitting. Also attach detailed photos and the link to the item to get the cost estimate in advance.

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01 Alterations


A wedding dress bodice and hem alterations typically costs £200 to £480 in total.

A  bridesmaid dress bodice and hem alterations typically costs £100 to £160 in total.

Wedding dress hem: £100 to £290.

Wedding wide leg jumpsuit hem with lining: £100 to £120.

Wedding wide leg trousers hem with lining: £100 to £120

Bridesmaid dress hem: £60 to £80.

Mother of the bride dress hem: £50 to £80

Other occasion dress hem: from £45.

Delicate / luxury materials, with boning, multilayered, detailing on the hem would be on the higher end of the cost.

No separate charge for fittings and the payment is upon completion. Tax is included in the price.

Dressmaking Rate

02 Dressmaking


Creating a garment, for example a dress from scratch, including pattern making: from £350 + the cost of material. 

Creating an item of clothing, by duplicating something you own:

from £180 for drafting the patterns + from £100 for sewing + the cost of material.

*All includes pattern adapting, toile-making and a series of fittings.

Creating an item using the same pattern I drafted: from £100 when no change.

Pattern adaptations & tracing: £20 per hour.

03 Sample & Costume Making 


Dressmaking, crocheting, knitting, embroidering or hand-painting. Small or big, partially or in full. The patterns should be provided for professional dressmaking unless agreed otherwise.

I usually charge by piece, which we will discuss at the beginning, based on the labour hours. From £20 to £50 per hour, depending on the skill used and the intensity of the job.

General Sewing Rate

04 other

I take your body measurements professionally for £20 a session.

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