My Rate

For alterations, I can tell you the cost and the time-frame at the fitting. You may send me some photos and details in advance for a ballpark estimate.

For dressmaking, corporate and bigger projects, we agree on the cost in advance and I invoice when the project is finished.

01 Alterations

I always finish the same way as the original, unless requested to do defferently.


Taking up the dress hem (minimum of 2 fittings): from £50 up to £150. 

£50 for the straight hem with one layer of lining, and the cost goes up for more complicated hems such as curved multi layered dress with a train, hem with horsehair braid or/and detailing. The shoes are necessary for the dress fitting.

Spaghetti strap adjustment: £20

Suit alterations: from £20

Wedding dresses and suits requires extra care for the silk or other delicate fabric.

*An overnight or express service may incur a surplus fee of £50 to the stated rate due to antisocial working hours.


Shortening trousers or jeans: £10, with other features (reinforcement / turn-ups) or keeping the original hems £20.

Shortening a dress, a skirt or Jumpsuit: from £15.

Taking up a suit jacket's hem: £50.

Waist adjustment: £30, with belt loops, lining or other features: £35.

Tapering trousers: £20 (includes hem adjustment).

Shoulder adjustment: £20, with lining or other features: £30.

Shortening sleeves with cuffs, buttonholes or lining: £30.

Replacing the lining in full: from £50 + the lining cost (I can source the lining). 

02 Dressmaking


Creating an outfit, for example a dress from scratch, including pattern making: from £300 + the fabric cost. 

Creating an item of clothing, using provided patterns: from £100 + the fabric cost.

Creating an item of clothing, copying something you own: from £200 + the fabric cost.

*All includes pattern adapting, toile-making and a series of fittings.

Creating an item using the same pattern: from £50.

I take your body measurements professionally to fill the form for £15,

if you are to order a made to measure garment remotely.


03 Mending & General Sewing

Replacing a zip: from £15 + cost of the new zip (usually £1- £6 and takes 1week)

- I always try to source a replacement zip as close as the original.

General mending: from £5.


Tell me what you want to do, and I will work out the cost. I appreciate your efforts to save the garments and love to support your creative ideas.

04 Sample & Costume Making 


Dressmaking, crocheting, knitting, embroidering or hand-painting. Small or big, partially or in full. The patterns should be provided for professional dressmaking unless agreed otherwise.

I usually charge by piece, based on the labour hours. Around £15 per hour, depending on the skill used and the intensity of the job.