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Is your

wedding gown

fitting well?


I always try to accommodate

your time-frame, but reservations are made on a first-come first-served basis.




Slow living?


Visit my Etsy Shop:


Kimono. Reclaimed Silk.

Amazing One-Offs.


I believe that everyone is fussy about what to wear in their own way, and that everyone wants to look good. I believe well-fitting clothes are not only comfortable but also make you look young, slim and stylish.


The dress you bought for a special occasion not fitting well?

Have you got some nice frocks you have not worn much, because there is something you are not sure about?

Or simply want to duplicate your favorite vintage silk dress?


Are you a designer, who needs some samples made?

Are you a fashion student, seeking refined dressmaking for your design?

I am a maker who is proud of the quality and attention to detail I put into my work and always respect the deadline.

I offer a versatile service, including knitting, crocheting and dressmaking, at an affordable rate in Crystal Palace / Gipsy Hill London.

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