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Is your

wedding gown

fitting well?


I always try to accommodate

your time-frame, but reservations are made on a first-come first-served basis.




Slow living?


Visit my Etsy Shop:


Kimono. Reclaimed Silk.

Amazing One-Offs.


I believe that everyone is fussy about what to wear in their own way, and that everyone wants to look good.


is The dress you bought for a special occasion fitting well?

Have you got some nice frocks that need a bit of updating?

Or simply want to duplicate your favourite dress?


Are you a designer, who needs some samples made?

Are you a fashion student, seeking refined dressmaking for your design?

I am a maker who is proud of the quality and attention to detail I put into my work and always respect the deadline.

I offer a versatile service, including knitting, crocheting and dressmaking, at an affordable rate in Crystal Palace / Gipsy Hill London.


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