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“A woman has no need to be perfect or even beautiful to wear my dresses. The dress will do that for her.”

                                                                  - Balenciaga 


Amazing. But not everyone can afford bespoke frocks or top-style trends all the time. I believe that everyone is fussy about what to wear, and that everyone wants to look good. I believe well-fitting clothes are not only comfortable but also make you look young, slim and stylish.

Make it look bespoke

Not happy with the dress you bought for a special occasion?

Have you got some nice clothes you have not worn much, because there is something you are not sure about?

Embody your design

Are you a fashion designer, who needs some samples made?

Are you a fashion student, seeking a refined dressmaking for your design?

Looking for a maker who has attention to detail, time, dedication, respect to deadlines?


I am skilled in knitting, crocheting and dressmaking.

I offer a versatile service at an affordable rate in Crystal Palace, London.

Fittings will be back when we can.

Other services are carried out

as usual.

Fittings will be back

when we can.

Other services are carried out

as usual.


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Last Updated 16/12/2020 

First published December 2017

by Chie Besson  |  London, United Kingdom

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Crocheted Bikini

I crocheted ranges of bikini samples for a brand called Ozone Community. They used my samples in many ways; fashion shows, media photoshoots, exhibitions and to be sent to manufacturers.

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